Western Engineering manufacturers a complete range of Mixtec mixers and agitators specifically designed for the wine industry. Based on 20 + years of experience they understand the requirements and applications.

Side Entry Mixers for large white wine tanks, or silos, providing gentle tank turnover rates. Used during fermentation, for cold stabilisation and to avoid temperature stratification. Models available for silos from 10m3 to 650m3 with option for an external shut off device which allows servicing of the mechanical seal and/or geared motor without the need to empty the tank.

Large side entry agitators also available for storage tanks of trade waste water.

Mobile Mixer Packages, Clamp on Mixers for small tanks, Drum Mixers, and IBC Mixers. Used for making up additions, bentonite, DE & pearlite suspension, and minor ingredient blending. Also used in vineyards for agricultural chemical makeup.

These can be supplied as clamp-on arrangement for clamping on the rim of a tank, fitted to a frame which straddles an IBC or your tank, or as a mobile unit on wheels.

Top Entry Mixers for general blending and solids suspension in tanks. Typical applications include clarifying agent suspension, flees concentrate, syrup make up and additions, sparkling wine production and grape mark recovery.

Static Mixers for blending 2 wine streams together in a common pipeline.