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Dairy & Agriculture

Working closely with our customers in the dairy industry to identify their key needs and concerns Mixtec – Western Engineering have developed a range of products to match the requirements of the NZ dairy industry.  These take into account the need for hygienic design, shear sensitivity and storage effects.

Side entry mixers for the storage of large quantities of raw or processed milk offer a low capital cost, low power solution to product stratification.  The Mixtec model 5050 mixer comes with a geared motor enabling a large diameter hydrofoil impeller to run at a slower speed, giving more flow at lower tip speed and hence reduced shear.  The hydrofoil impeller has a low power draw for the flow it achieves.  The model 5050 is supplied with a mounting weldment that welds to the tank side or base and can be mounted in a manway for easy access to the mechanical seal which is internal to the tank.  Mixtec also offers the model 5060 with external mechanical seal.

Mixtec custom designs top entry mixers for products that need to be blended together with greater agitation and have an accompanying range of impeller styles to suit the viscosity of the different products.  These mixers are all designed in dairy polished stainless steel with easy cleaning in mind.

Additionally, Mixtec have a range of shear mixers for the attrition of gum like products and emulsifiers for emulsifying insoluble liquids or lumpy products.  Emulsifiers can also be supplied in an inline pump format.

To discuss your dairy product mixing requirements, contact Mixtec – Western Engineering, the NZ specialists in mixer design and manufacture, with a base of 1000’s of mixers throughout the dairy industry.


With the increasing environmental awareness, dry spreading of minerals and fertilizers on pastures is declining. Another option available is to mix the chemicals with and apply by spraying. This reduces the air borne chemical particles from entering the waterways and polluting them.

Western Engineering has innovative high intensity mixing solutions to slurry the chemicals for application by helicopter, aeroplane or ground spreader. These solutions speed up the mixing time and provide high density/low water solids to maximise spreading efficiency and reduce costly waiting time for the aerial applicators.

These solutions are totally portable and are skid or truck mounted and are transported to site where required. We provide full turn key solutions for this industry.


Recent mixers supplied to the dairy & agriculture industry:

  • 200m3 Raw Milk side entry storage agitator
  • New mixer and HSD for liquid fertilizer manufacturer
  • 150m3 Cream Storage Agitators
  • M5050 agitaors for PROLIQ storage.
  • 19-off 250m3 Silo side entry agitator
  • Anchor Mixer for Milk Concentrate Holding Tank
  • Truck Mounted Horizontal Shaft Mixer
  • Top Entry Blender for Dairy Tank
  • Side Entry Mixer
  • Side Entry Mixers Installed
  • Side Entry Installation
  • Model 5060
  • Model 5050 Side Entry Mixer
  • Cream Mixer
  • <
  • 5050 Jungle


Over the past 15 years we have worked very closely with Richard and his team at Western Engineering to incorporate Mixtec mixers and agitators into our stainless steel process vessels, tanks and silos. Their mixing technology, design solutions, services, workmanship and follow-up is unsurpassed within their field.

Neil Edwards, General Manager - Hendl & Murray Engineering